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Current US political trauma may have been the plan to spur government dissolution…

Author’s Note:

Though this site is dedicated to military history, the following piece is predicated upon military analysis in the political realm…


The ongoing trauma that US politicians, military leaders, and intelligence bureaucrats have been fostering as it regards the current Trump administration and its alleged ties to Russian influences that are also alleged to have interfered with the 2016 US presidential election has overtaken the US political infrastructure to such an extent that the federal government appears now to be totally paralyzed in accomplishing anything substantial. No doubt the Democrats in Congress have been quite substantial in fostering this upheaval while allowing the Republicans to accelerate their own continued self-destruction; people who have been working for longer and more ardently to bring the United States to wrack and ruin. Democrats maybe doing the same but their excuse is stupidity while for Republicans it is simply pure, degenerate malice.

It has now been nearly seven full months since the new year with Trump taking office in the latter half of January 2017 and the venom (much of it deserved) thrown at him from all corners of the US establishment have taken on a life of their own. Late night television and talk radio hosts appear to have had a steady stream of black humor and discussion that even at this late date seems to have no end in sight.

Not since the American Civil War/The War for Southern Independence in the 1860s has one issue become so overwhelming and polarizing that all other federal functionality has seemed to cease.

No doubt that without the current emphasis on Russian election hacking, the Trump administration would still be facing similar opposition from an entire spectrum of honorable progressives and conservative groups and organizations. A recent Jeffrey St. Clair essay (https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/07/14/the-idiots-tale-signifying-what/) provides a basic glimpse into the dysfunction of the Trump family in general. Too stupid even for the sophistication of a Greek tragedy, the St. Clair piece describes in essence a situation so foolishly concocted that one wonders how any of this could have come to pass. A simple understanding of basic law (something no doubt most of the Trump family has little interest in) should have prohibited most of it from ever happening.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his supporters (which does not include those who simply voted for him out of desperation) appear to be a mirroring of what the United States has become; a nation filled with ignorant people who have long ago abdicated any sense of civic responsibility to their country.

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