This site attempts to promote military history and other writings based upon actual, fact-based information that can be corroborated by the reader.

In today’s digital and highly politicized environments, the majority of news and historical insights are predicated upon a set of lies and propaganda to promote patriotism and allegiance to those who govern us.  This is nothing new and it has been this way from the beginning in any nation.

However, with economies and nation-states facing growing public resistance to the crimes that have been committed and are ongoing against others with the potential for violent upheaval, ignoring actual, real history as the lens into the understanding not only the past but the present as well, it becomes imperative for the Human species to adopt such understandings for the species to survive.

The information regarding how war, conflict, and oppression are begun and continued in today’s hyper-tense filled world are more often than not portrayed as near fantasy compared to the realities that lie behind such events.

Thus, understanding real history and its import becomes a predominant form of resistance to those who would deny us this knowledge…

It is hoped that that this site will open up vibrant discussion among its readers who want to voice their disagreement or suggest alternative viewpoints to the material presented on this site.

Steve Naidamast
Military Historian-Analyst