Military History 2025

One may wonder why the title of this site has been called Military History 2025. It would be a good question since the number 2025 could represent anything. However, in this case, it was selected for a very specific reason.

Though true history cannot be changed no matter the genre, its interpretations can be modified as new evidence come to light. And though the famous baseball player of the 1950s and 1960s, Yogi Berra once just as famously said that “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”, someone actually did and quite presciently to the extent that the world we are living in today, practically the exact set of our circumstances, was foretold quite a while ago.

A long time ago before there was an Internet, before personal computers and smart devices were a natural part of our daily landscape, a book was written in 1985 by author Hal Stryker titled, NYPD 2025…

This book won no awards, at least not to my knowledge, and it was not even considered a well written story even for the science-fiction genre. However, this story was not just a science fiction yarn but more importantly a critical social statement of where our world was headed given the trends back in the early to mid 1980s.

In the dystopian world that this story outlines, political infrastructures have deteriorated to such an extent as to be of little effect, social structures have deteriorated to such an extent that crime was now a reality show and the worst criminals were seen as anti-heroes on a stage that no longer mattered since there were few people to stop the destruction of the world around them.

The story accurately depicted the world we find ourselves in today where politicians are hated because they no longer do anything for the public good, business leaders exist solely for their only personal gain and give no quarter to the public in responding to the very detriments that they fuel the ongoing deterioration of society with.

Into this depressing setting, a few dedicated officers of the NYPD Combat Operations Police are intent in upholding the laws and protecting their charges they took their oaths to do when they entered this elite unit in New York City.

Fighting corrupt superiors and an environment that had degraded to the point that their jobs appear to be futile a new threat emerges in the guise of a serial killer who has become the lead in one of the most exciting televised shows in the locale. Instead of being the target of multiple manhunts this individual was seen as a celebrity offering live executions of his victims during the vicious crimes that he committed as the backdrop to the shows. “Snuff” television had been turned into a spectacle of violence that the audiences awaited with great expectation for each episode. It was no longer the morality of good over evil but simply the existence of evil.

This is the story of a few brave souls who would not submit to the culture of degradation they had witness get worse over their lives. It is the story of how the few intelligent people who exist on planet earth are always outnumbered by those who can seemingly only enjoy their own dissolution as long as their short term needs and desires are continuously fed.

This innocuous story was a warning of what we have now become. The year 2025 was author’s interpretation as to when all of this would finally happen. Unfortunately, he was more hopeful than the reality of current circumstances have demonstrated…


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